Monthly Archive for October, 2010

Advertising Award for OMICRON Lab

OMICRON Lab was honored with the Advertising Achievement Award of the NASA Tech Briefs for its half page advertising on the B-WIT 100. The award is based on a readership servey performed by NASA Tech Briefs commissioned Lion Associates. Those gave especially high scores to the OMICRON Lab advertisement for the “Readership Scores” as well as for the “Recognition Scores”.

I am very proud of the award as I was responsible for this B-WIT advertisement and I would never have expected it. Many thanks to Bianca and Baumi for the great teamwork! – Keep on Rocking! ;)

Dining at Hilton Seoul

At the 26th of October, the Austrian National day, the Austrian embassy invited us for a dinner party at the Hilton hotel in Seoul. Well until we went I did not know anything about the location, therefore as you can see at the pictures I was a bit underdressed.
The food was prepared by an Austrian chef and we had everything from Gulasch with Sp√§tzle, Sauerkraut,… to Marillenkn√∂del with Vanille sauce and Krapfen. The dinner gave us the opportunity to meet very interesting people who have different connections to Austria.
The high light were some friends of international Students who brought their Lederhosn, an traditional Austrian men’s dress. But also some Korean women were wearing Austrian Dirndel – a nice symbol for the interconnection.
To me it was really funny that I had to go to Korea in to be invited for dinner by the Austrian state. ;) We enjoyed the evening a lot!

Most amazing firework ever seen

At the 9th of Oktober there was a grat firework in Seoul, Korea’s capital citiy. It was the highlight of the Hi Seoul Festival 2010 and the most amazing firework I have ever seen! The Festival itself took place during the whole week. It is described as the “feast of fantastic nonverbal performances” and was unfolded all over the city. According to the hosts during the festival the “streets become a moving stage, a city becomes a theater. That’s the city of Seoul that Hi Seoul Festival dreams of. Nonverbal performers from all over the world come thogether in one place.” Well I didn’t see any of the theaters but the firework really made masses move as you can see on the pictures in the gallery. Especially in the subway and the subway stations it was hard to find some spot to place your feet. There was no possibility of going your own way – everyone just got pushed with the flow of the mass. I wonder how many people ended somewhere the were not expecting to go. ;) So wether voluntarily or not, the whole town ended up at the Han river park and saw an unforgettable firework. Unfortunately by watching the video clip you cannt even imagin how big that firework was. But the amazing and combination of musik, firework and lightshow made it a breathtaking event.

Actor in a Korean Cooking Show

The third biggest TV-Channel KBS was searching for some foraign students to take part in their cooking show “Korean Food Expedition”. Due to a good cooperation with the International Office of the Kyung Hee University I was one of 5 people selected. The shooting took place at two locations and was lasting for 5 hours. First we were filmed preparing Jeongol, a korean stew, on our own in a studio at Dongdemoon. The two diffenrent kind of Jeongol where realy tasty. Afterwards we went to a restaurant at Lotte World in Sincheon that is specialized in preparing traditional Jeongol. One dish we got served was made of beef bowel – and we really had to eat that *yuk*. So we had a lot of fun but in the final video there are several funny scenes missing. Finally the scenes where turned around so that the story tells that traditional korean food is not the taste of most western foraigners. The aim of the show is to find out the taste of foraingners in order to internationalize Korean food.

Hiking in the mountains around Seoul

At the peak of Dobongsan Mountain The great thing about Seoul is its public transport. Even if you want to go hiking you just need to enter a metro and it drops you submontane directly. Our trip form Hoegi to the Bukhansan Netional Park took us approximately half an hour only. Here in Korea you could actually go hiking in your underware. Everything you might need to get up a mountain as well as food for the way up is offered at the beginning of the traks. Most of the ways are prepared with stone stairs. The mountain formations are astonishing and up in the mountains there are many Buddhist temples. One of the most beautyfull temples I have vistited by now is the Mangwolsa Temple at the Dobongsan Mountain in Bukhansan National Park. Please find some pictures in the photo gallary and enjoy.