Monthly Archive for November, 2010

Crazy flight to Tokyo

Yesterday we started our trip to Japan. In a group of 6 people we experienced a very funny flight to Tokyo. The flight took off form Incheon. But already at the check in we took longer than usual as Kimberly had no multiple entery visa for Korea. That ended in a long discussion with the airport employee but finally it was no problem as people from Sweden do not need a multiple entery visa. Unfortunately the airport personal did not know that. After the check in we went to eat and prepared early engough for boarding – at least we thought. ;) Because it was time for the plain to leave the airport at the time when we appeard at the custom control. Therefore the airplain crew was already waiting for us und one stewardess joind us running to the gate. When we arrived at the plain everyone else was already sitting on their places – that somehow reminded me of the flight from Munich to Seoul, where we even missed the security instruction! ;) The flight itself was very nice and we even got something to eat during the 1.5 hour flight. But due to the weather conditions we had a very turbolent flight so we more or less felt like beeing in a rollercoaster and enjoyed the weired feeling falling into air holes. Finally after a safe landing in Tokyo and leaving the plain Philipp could not find his passport anymore. We knew that there was not much time left until the last possibility to get into town would be gone. Therefore we looked everywhere but could not find it. He then went back to the plane. When he came back he did not look relaxed anymore as the plane was already gone!
Luckily we had one of the last flights arriving in Tokio and the chance was hight that the plane still was somewhere on the ground. The airport personal was very helpful and within 10 minutes Philipp was smiling again. Getting through the custom control in Tokio was the next barrier to manage, and that actually showed up to be very thought. The frist problem was that Mike‘s colleague Paul, who lives in Tokyo organized the hotel for us. Therefore we did not know the address that we where especially asked for to mention on the formula. After some discussion Paul‘s phone number was enough and we thought – that was it. But no! Inga and Johannes did not appear… and not appear… and not appear. In the meantime we met Paul who already got a bit nervous because of the last bus running soon…
After several minutes Inga and Johannes stept out of the custom control with a big smile in their faces. Inga had problems entering Japan as she mentioned Paul on her form. The custom personal therefore asked her in detail who he is and what he does here. The issue was that Inga did not even know Paul and had no idea. ;)
We finally made it to our hotel, guided by Paul who told us many interesting facts about Japan and the japanese lifestyle already.

Kyung Hee University gives the all-clear

All exchange students just received the following email from the Office of International Affairs at the Kyung Hee University:

“This mail is sent on behalf of my office, OIA, to make you feel better and sate. I know the whole situation is not easy to deal with.

But anyway finally the fire is settled down, and lots of analysts said it is a provocation for NK to show off they’re still and strong even thou its leader will be changed soon.
It might have been worsen into a fight, but it didn’t, eventually and the situation seemed controlled and settled.
Therefore what OIA asks you is please don’t put yourselves in panic, don’t be over-worried. And to make sure that your parents won’t worry, please mail them you’re safe here.
Kyung Hee hasn’t been notified any alert from Korean government so it’s not a big problem to be in panic.”

Therefore it is not expected that there will be more fighting activities at the moment – neither form the North nor from the South Korean side.

North Korea is attacking us

Since today afternoon North Korea is attacking South Korea. According to my colleagues here, and what we also noticed, there have always been smaller shootings at the border. But this time the attacks are unexpectedly strong. Please read more at The Korea Herald newspaper. Accoring to my home local news web site the attack took place on Yeonpyeong island at around 14:34 p.m.

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The alert phase here in South Korea is high and I was just informed that some of our Korean friends were enlisted by military. There are whispering voices that say that South Korea is going to strike back tonight. – And I was trying to register for the DMZ tour for this weekend. Luckly there was no space in the bus anymore!
Today it seems as if the moods of the people is calming down. Many are still watching the situation fiecely while others think that the attackes were just pushed by media. I personally think that nothing additionally will happen and that the situation will cool down within the next weeks. But all we can do is waiting and go on as usual.

I will keep you up to date as good as possible.

Austrian Food in Korea

Who would have expectet that?! There is an Austrian butcher who runs his own Austrian restaurant “Chef Meili Deli & Restaurant” in the heart of Seoul. Reason enough for us to check the food at this restaurant in Itaewon. Ok, we were served by Koreans and the food was chooked by a German chef as “Chef Meilinger”, the popular Austrian chef is called, was not in the restaurant but the food was really delicious. Philipp meant: “I am cloase to tears.”, because the food reminded him of his mum’s food. Therefore if you are Austrian and you visit Seoul Meili’s is definately a place you should not miss. Some pictures of the delicious experience can be found here.