Monthly Archive for December, 2010

Facing Nordkorean Soldiers

Today we took a trip organized by KORIDOOR to the South- and Northkorean borderline known as the DMZ, which stands for “demilitarized zone”. The alarm went in the early morning at 5:30 am after 2.5 hours sleep. *yawn* As it was snowing it was not clear if we would be able to have a good view to Northkorea. With the tour bus we made our way to the first stop. The schedule for the tour looked like below mentioned:

07:30 : Departure from Camp Kim USO
09:00 : 20 Minute Briefing at Ballinger Hall in JSA and then tour to the JSA area
11:20 : The Third infiltration Tunnel, Dora observatory
12:30 : Lunch at a Korea Restaurant.
13:30 : Dorasan Station.
14:00 : Departure to Camp Kim USO
15:30 : Arrive at Camp Kim USO

Unfortunately we had to cancel the Dora observatory as it was still closed after the last shooting in November. We were told that this was actually the first weekend where the tour was reopend.
At the JSA area, which you can see in the picture on the left, we were allowed to enter the blue building. Within it, we were able to pass the boarder and go to the Northkorean side. But we were told to not come too close to the Korean soldiers! They are in a taekwondo position and would have had to hit us if we would not have keep the safety distance. You can find pictures of the whole tour in the gallery.
At Dorasan Station, which is the train station connecting the south with the north I got a Northkorean stamp into my passport – so lets figure out if I will have problems when traveling in future. ;)

If you would like to get a small insight of how it is like to visit the DMZ and what it is expected to be like in Northkorea I recommend you watching “The Vice Guide to North Korea“, a very interesting documentry of Americans finally visiting the crazy northern part of Korean.

2010 MelOn Music Awards

The 2010 MelOn Music Awards took place at the Kyung Hee University. All famos Korean music stars were present and performed live on the most phenomenon stage I have ever seen. Actually I should have been studying but as we were unexpectedly told about the award festival we droped our books and ran to the concert hall to find out if we can enter. Fianally – we could! An we enjoyed an amazing evening watching DJ Doc, 2NE1, Girls’ Generation, T-ara and many more. Get a small insight: