Most amazing firework ever seen

At the 9th of Oktober there was a grat firework in Seoul, Korea’s capital citiy. It was the highlight of the Hi Seoul Festival 2010 and the most amazing firework I have ever seen! The Festival itself took place during the whole week. It is described as the “feast of fantastic nonverbal performances” and was unfolded all over the city. According to the hosts during the festival the “streets become a moving stage, a city becomes a theater. That’s the city of Seoul that Hi Seoul Festival dreams of. Nonverbal performers from all over the world come thogether in one place.” Well I didn’t see any of the theaters but the firework really made masses move as you can see on the pictures in the gallery. Especially in the subway and the subway stations it was hard to find some spot to place your feet. There was no possibility of going your own way – everyone just got pushed with the flow of the mass. I wonder how many people ended somewhere the were not expecting to go. ;) So wether voluntarily or not, the whole town ended up at the Han river park and saw an unforgettable firework. Unfortunately by watching the video clip you cannt even imagin how big that firework was. But the amazing and combination of musik, firework and lightshow made it a breathtaking event.

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