Dining at Hilton Seoul

At the 26th of October, the Austrian National day, the Austrian embassy invited us for a dinner party at the Hilton hotel in Seoul. Well until we went I did not know anything about the location, therefore as you can see at the pictures I was a bit underdressed.
The food was prepared by an Austrian chef and we had everything from Gulasch with Sp√§tzle, Sauerkraut,… to Marillenkn√∂del with Vanille sauce and Krapfen. The dinner gave us the opportunity to meet very interesting people who have different connections to Austria.
The high light were some friends of international Students who brought their Lederhosn, an traditional Austrian men’s dress. But also some Korean women were wearing Austrian Dirndel – a nice symbol for the interconnection.
To me it was really funny that I had to go to Korea in to be invited for dinner by the Austrian state. ;) We enjoyed the evening a lot!

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