Kyung Hee University gives the all-clear

All exchange students just received the following email from the Office of International Affairs at the Kyung Hee University:

“This mail is sent on behalf of my office, OIA, to make you feel better and sate. I know the whole situation is not easy to deal with.

But anyway finally the fire is settled down, and lots of analysts said it is a provocation for NK to show off they’re still and strong even thou its leader will be changed soon.
It might have been worsen into a fight, but it didn’t, eventually and the situation seemed controlled and settled.
Therefore what OIA asks you is please don’t put yourselves in panic, don’t be over-worried. And to make sure that your parents won’t worry, please mail them you’re safe here.
Kyung Hee hasn’t been notified any alert from Korean government so it’s not a big problem to be in panic.”

Therefore it is not expected that there will be more fighting activities at the moment – neither form the North nor from the South Korean side.

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