Actor in a Korean Cooking Show

The third biggest TV-Channel KBS was searching for some foraign students to take part in their cooking show “Korean Food Expedition”. Due to a good cooperation with the International Office of the Kyung Hee University I was one of 5 people selected. The shooting took place at two locations and was lasting for 5 hours. First we were filmed preparing Jeongol, a korean stew, on our own in a studio at Dongdemoon. The two diffenrent kind of Jeongol where realy tasty. Afterwards we went to a restaurant at Lotte World in Sincheon that is specialized in preparing traditional Jeongol. One dish we got served was made of beef bowel – and we really had to eat that *yuk*. So we had a lot of fun but in the final video there are several funny scenes missing. Finally the scenes where turned around so that the story tells that traditional korean food is not the taste of most western foraigners. The aim of the show is to find out the taste of foraingners in order to internationalize Korean food.

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